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Your department will still receive the exact same counter fee for each report sold. You maintain 100% of your normal report revenue.
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Our system features the ability to upload photos filed with reports directly to our database.
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Allows insurance agencies and law enforcement investigators to be notified of a crash report that matches the Person or Vehicle information that they are searching for as soon as it becomes available.”
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Docview helps manage FOIA requests by storing archived copies of reports for several years, all accessible online.
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It only takes 5 minutes a day to scan, email, fax, or electronically send us your reports. We handle it from there. No indexing. No mailed requests. Just one check per month from Docview.
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Development is a priority for us. There are many new modules coming in 2012!
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Video - Docview Partnerships
A brief explanation of how a partnership with Docview works.

Docview is the most trusted provider of crash reports to Citizens and Insurance Carriers in the United States. As the leader in this field, hundreds of Law Enforcement Agencies and Insurance Carriers trust Docview with the protection of their data integrity. Docview is not a data broker and assures that personal data is not mined for reselling purposes. Currently Chiefs of Police Associations across the country endorse Docview as the provider of choice for crash reports. Why would you trust anyone else?

Docview News

Riverside police receive grant for traffic accident software 2012-12-05 - As of January 2013, Riverside police officers will be able to complete accident reports on the in-car computer. When complete, they can send the report directly to the Illinois Department of Transportation and Docview, reducing down time for officers handling auto accidents.

Docview, a vehicle accident reporting system, is utilized via the Internet to obtain accident report copies. It developed an “in-squad” accident reporting system and has awarded Riverside police with a 100-percent grant-funded software package for on-scene reporting.

Since May 2010, Riverside has utilized Docview for accident report recordkeeping. People involved in an accident or their insurance companies can utilize Docview to obtain a copy of the accident report.

Additional recordkeeping, now done by police dispatchers, will be eliminated, thus saving time.

By utilizing the new software, an officer responding to the accident scene can complete the accident report quickly with less error.

“Expediting the reporting process on the street will make things safer in that we’ll be able to clear lanes more quickly of wreckage debris and emergency equipment,” said Sgt. Bill Gutschick of the Riverside Police Department.

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